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We provide different types of services. Whether you are an organisation, business or a private consumer. We have something for everyone.

Read below about the types of services we provide!


Put your creation to life with our

Production service

We provide a production service for everyone. To businesses, organizations or even private consumers. If you have your own specific design that needs to be produced in high quality material then feel free to contact us at


From design to a finished product


One of our strengths is creating custom items. We provide custom design and production for the particular goods or components you've been looking for. We will create a design with you and put a finished product on the table.

Do you have an organization or business, and are you interested in having your own custom designed product or have a product with your logo design?

Then contact us on with detailed information about your wishes.




Each of our items are precisely and carefully designed to your specifications. On paper, we begin to draw out our creations. The measurements are then thoroughly examined to ensure that our product serves its intended function. Finally, using a specialized 3D modeling program, we will design our product in 3D.

3D production

To produce and deliver the best quality for our 3D printing, we use premium reinforced high temperature carbon-fiber nylon material (used for heavy duty industrial components). In order to give you the most affordable options for your budget, we also provide ABS PRO material for lower-cost items. All of our items are made using high-end 3D printers, which provide the best finishes.


We do a number of inspection checks before beginning mass production. We begin by producing a few test prints. We inspect the final products for any potential design mistakes. If everything appears to be in order, we can start with getting rid of possible rough edges and then putting the products through a destruction test where we apply force to determine if the product meets our requirements. Afterwards the products will be field tested to have an actual experience with the product. When all the steps are finished with a success we'll begin mass production.

Are you a retailer interested in selling our products?

Wholesale & Collaboration

We welcome retailers and distributors from around the world, offering competitive prices and margins for those interested in carrying and selling quality products from our original brand product line.

If interested in wholesale or a collaboration please contact us on with detailed information.